Firebird Orchestra

Firebird Orchestra is an orchestra of young musicians comprising talented orchestral players who are making the journey from study into the profession. Through Firebird’s annual season of concerts, players perform core repertoire at central London concert venues, while collaborating with renowned soloists, composers and conductors of the younger generation. By providing this experience, Firebird offers a helpful platform at the crucial early stages of professional life.

Founded in 2012 with Marc Corbett-Weaver as Artistic Director, the orchestra performs regularly at St Paul’s Covent Garden and once a year at Kings Place. Firebird has also performed at Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, St George’s Hanover Square and the Pump Room in Bath. Performances have been acclaimed in The Times, The Evening Standard, Classical Music Magazine, Classical Source, Seen & Heard International and on BBC Radio London.

The orchestra has collaborated with the soloists Mathieu van Bellen, Thomas Gould, Aleksei Kiseliov, James Meldrum, Jennifer Pike, Leonard Schreiber and Raphael Wallfisch. Each Season, Firebird showcases a small number of prize-winning conductors of the younger generation who conduct the concerts.

Marc is Artistic Director & Chief Executive of Firebird Orchestra.

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